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A social soirée with a splash of luxury


Located in the heart of the Mother City: Sea Point - a captivating escape awaits

Tired of the predictable routine of choosing a place to stay when you travel? You’re not alone…

In this age of the modern-day explorer, the distinctions between hostels, co-living, hotels, and hybrids have become as fluid as waves caressing the shore.  At Wunderlux, we’ve taken it a step further by seamlessly blending all your favorite elements into one, while still offering you the luxury of choice where you desire it.

a rare find

Creating an oasis of unique & unforgettable experiences for our guests

Embracing the joyful chaos, we’ve made it our mission to keep your experience spontaneous and captivating. Ever find yourself yearning for the social buzz of a hostel, the camaraderie of co-living, the luxury of a hotel, or the intrigue of a hybrid? At Wunderlux, you can have it all.

Stay Your Way

Enjoy a range of options on your travels that'll amaze & delight you

Whether you’re an adventurer seeking bunk beds and new pals, a luxury enthusiast craving a hidden double en-suite surrounded by lush greenery or offering distant views of the sparkling blue sea, or someone desiring the comfort of their own space with a dash of serendipity – your ideal haven is under one vibrant roof.

Create memories

Soak up true comfort in the most social & vibrant fashion

When you stay with us, you’re not just a traveler; you’re an explorer of the unexpected. Get ready for spontaneous laughter, delightful discoveries, and memorable moments that redefine your travel experience.